Monica Robles Corzo AKA Monarobot

Concept and Visual Development artist Chiapas, Mexico

Monster artist and illustrator from Chiapas, Mexico. Prop designer on the Onyx Equinox animated series.

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Prop Designer


Prop design for Onyx Equinox, an original animated series by Crunchyroll set in ancient Mesoamerica. My work focused on backgrounds, props and FX design.

Independent Artist and Freelance Illustrator


Focused on developing my personal brand and style, recreating pop culture creatures in a unique style and creating my own in digital art and sculpted media, as well as growing a successful fanbase on social media and Patreon, worked as a freelancer for Fangamer and BOOM! Studios on the side.


Universidad del Valle de Mexico

Bachelors Degree in Communication Sciences

Focused on creating, developing and finalizing projects for Radio, TV and Film — Equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from an accredited U.S university or college, as assessed by The Trustforte Corporation.



Masterclass, Drawing Your Path, Ciudad Digital Creativa - Guadalajara, mexico (A Masterclass given for Pixelatl's 2020 Shortway Event about making a living from your creative work.)


Expo, At Home with Monsters, Museo de Artes de la Universidad de Guadalajara - Guadalajara, Jalisco (An expo showcasing the creations of filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and his personal art collection.)


Guy Davis (Concept artist) Guillermo del Toro (Film director) Crunchyroll Criterion BOOM! Studios Fangamer


Visual Development Prop Design Character Design Personal Branding and Marketing Design and creation of Merchandise


Concept Art Digital Illustration Sculpture Research Social Media Management