Pop Culture Illustrations

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur, From Pokemon

Redesigned Gen 1 Fire starters (Pokemon franchise)

Redesigned Gen 1 Water starters (Pokemon franchise)

EVA unit001 from Evangelion

Xenomorph Queen from Aliens

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah poster recreation

Millenium Falcon from Star Wars

“Ma’koh”, Toothless, (How to Train your Dragon)

"Chak lik' ", Stormfly, from How to Train your Dragon, by Dreamworks

Paleoart, Mesoamerica style – Quetzalcoatlus

Reimagining of character by Coey Kuhn, @CoeyKuhn (commission)

Reimagining of character by Gabo Camarillo, @Silvermender (commission)

Reimagining of character by Gabo Camarillo, @Silvermender (commission)

Xenomorph from Alien, by Ridley Scott.


A series of reimagining of pop culture and fellow artists' creations in a stylization inspired by Maya glyphs to show how I interpret and reimagine shapes.




Personal or commissioned pieces for non-commercial purposes


2013 – 2019